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Hello friends of vintage cars and Cadillac-enthusiasts 


Let me please introduce myself: 

I am a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible  




I'm being part as well as the

Fleetwood Brougham,


the Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan 

and the

Fleetwood Seventy  - Five and Limousine

of the  Fleetwood Series.

Aside from the Fleetwood Series there was furthermore the Calais Series and the De Ville Series. (see brochure). In the De Ville Series there was a Convertible model too, the Coupe de Ville Convertible (produced cars: 19.200, Price:  US $ 5.419)

But back to me. I was assembled in second week of January in 1965. Altogether I was produced  2125 times and was  one of Cadillac's luxury models.  I was painted in paint No. 98 = Crimson Firemist . As far as I can remember, I get a new paint job in the early 90s in the United States. I have got a metallic effect color which was similar to the original 1965 color.

My Interior has the color 488B = Medium Red Leather .

The seat cushions were sewed with two kinds of leather, non perforated and  perforated leather. The carpet color is Dark Red (Part No.  422 5161). I have the rare  "bucket seats". Most of the models had a "bench-type front seat".

My overall length is 224", my overall width is 79,9" and my height is 54,6" . My curb weight is 4820lbs. Under my hood there is a 429cui (429cubic inches = 7033ccm) V8-engine due to powerful but quiet performance.

My V8-engine has  340HP at  4600rpm.  The maximum torque is 480ft lbs (650 Nm) at 3000rpm.

At a road test in 1965 at the German race track called "Nürburg Ring" I accelerated from 0mph to 62,12mph under 11,0 seconds. In comparison the  Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III needed  11,5sec, the VW beetle 1300 needed 26sec, NSU Prinz TT needed 14,83sec and Opel Kadett needed 22,0sec.

Road test from Motor Trend magazine 8 / 1965

 My top speed is shown with 195km/h. My gasoline tank holds 26 gallons, about 100 liters petrol. I get filled up with unleaded petrol "Super Plus" and a spezific valve protection in ratio 1:1000.

In 1965 I have had already all the comforts of modern cars today : 

Power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, cruise control, clare proof rear mirror flip-type, guidematic  (At darkness and upcoming traffic, a photocell behind the grille switches automatically from high beam to low beam. When the car has passed  the high beam is switched on again automatically),  climate comfort control, FM/AM radio with power antenna, power operated front seat adjustment, soft ray glass, power windows, power roof, remote trunk release, level riding system, analogical navigation system (compass) and so on. 

At extra costs I was equipped with two point retractable seat belts (In 1965, US $ 30.-). The crown ornament at the top of the front fender houses the directional signal indicator. This enables my driver to be fully aware of signal operation at all times without taking his/her eyes from the road-a distinct advantage in heavy traffic. Aside from the dual brakes and the seat belts another contribution to roadworthiness  in 1965.

In 1965 my first buyer had to pay US $ 6754.-

My last owner in the United States was Gerald E. Donnelly from Pinehurst, North Carolina. I was serviced at a garage named Clark in Pinehurst.  (Chevrolet, Cadillac, Oldsmobile dealer). Even today my key ring shows logo and telephone number of Clark's.

On April, 19th 1993 I was shipped by a german student, who lived with family Donnelly during his studies in the US, with a containership named Hugo Olendorf V from the der Polish Ocean Lines from Wilmington harbour , North Carolina to Bremerhaven/Germany . 


On May, 2nd I arrived at Bremerhaven. After technical checkings by the German authorities I lived till 2002 in Bad Wurzach in the administrative district of Ravensburg.

Since August 5th 2002 I live with Gabi und Michael Kaufholz in the administrative district of  Schwalm-Eder. I drive my owners to many vintage car meets nearby and far away. In summer 2006 I even dared myself on holidays to Kremsmünster/Austria where I took part at the  3. Cadillac Big Meet.  

The Cruising from Kremsmünster via Weyher to Steyr and back to Kremsmünster was fantastic. During the meeting in the castle grounds of Kremsmünster there was so much to see. At the end of the event I have got a incredible cup for the 2. place in the categorie of the cars from 1960-1969.

After some wonderful days in Austria, I drove  Gabi and Michael reliable and safe home again.

In the year 2007 I took part to the event of the Classic Cadillac Club of Germany in Apolda,  to the   2. vintage car meeting in Spangenberg  , the Golden Oldies in Wettenberg and the vintage car meetings in  Schwarzenborn and Melsungen and the 6th European Concours D'Elegance in the baroque-gardens of Castle Schwetzingen.

In the year 2008 I participated in some vintage car meetings and events, too. Let me just mention the "2nd Cadillac Grand European" at the Museum of technique in Speyer and the "Fladungen Classics".

In 2009 I cruised on the roads again. In Arnsberg at the "Sauerland-Rallye", in Wettenberg at "The Golden Oldies" and in Fladungen I participated the "Fladungen Classics" in my opinion one of the best vintage car meetings in Germany.

2010 was again a year with real highlights. On top of my program was the  3rd Cadillac Grand European in Richelieu/France and the Fladungen Classics 2010 as well.

Please visit the Homepage of the Cadillac LaSalle Club of France.

The CLC Grand European 2013  took place in Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands between Rotterdam and Amsterdam near the coast of the North Sea. I really enjoyed to participate this wonderful and well organized event. You'll find some picture at "Grand European 2013"


Kind regards

Your Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible